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los gringos y la inca kola

se quedan maravillados ante su color dorado, su sabor estrepitosamente y raramente dulce (no identifican de dónde viene ese sabor particular)…

y comienzan a maldecir

aquí algunas frases:

– I hadn’t eaten lunch so I said so long to the kids and went with him. Another Italian restaurant. I sat next to this guys 7 year old daughter, Tati. Very cute. She taught me about Inca Cola which is pretty much pure fucking sugar, I can’t take it. (rebel1o5)
– The fluorescent yellow Inca Cola tastes like bubble gum and is more popular than Coca Cola in Peru. (de the miamist)

– I’ve just remembered this. My friend Ayako brought me INCA KOLA – a bottle of soda you can get in Peru. I thought she was so sweet, for sharing this precious and mysterious yellow beverage from her journey. We enjoyed drinking this INKA COLA together. I conclude that it tastes like melted popsicles…It was sort of weird, but the type of weird taste that you cant help loving. I wonder if kids in Peru always drink this. Who else has been to Peru or seen this INCA KOLA?? (absolute hiroko)
– is it just me, or has every indie boy in Chicago started wearing Inka Cola shirts? What’s up with that? (luis in paris)
– My new obsession is Inka Cola. Peru´s famous beverage. Apparently, you can order some from here, although I am not certain if it will work. I will tell you that Inka Cola looks like Mountain Dew and tastes like Bubble Gum. It is pure goodness in a glass bottle. (floating away)

recientemente en el blog peru food también le dedicaron un artículo
también otro artículo sobre cómo hacer negocios en la inca kola way

página oficial de inca kola


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  1. Anonymous Anonymous

    La Inca Kola en el Perú es mucho más azucarada que la que se enlata en EEUU.


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