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jk rowling dice: "dumbledore está definitivamente muerto"

salman rushdie, en una reciente conferencia-lectura hecha por jk rowling, es intervenida por rushdie (acompañado por su hijo) sobre el futuro de harry potter y de dumbledore (ya todos deben saber que dumbie está bien bien muerto).

ya pues JK, ¡termina de una vez el libro 7 de harry potter!

tomado de hpana:

Author Salman Rushdie opens in new window introduces himself and son. JK applauds with audience and says: «I’m not sure this is fair. I think you might be better at guessing plots than most. But off you go.»

Rushdie: Until the events of volume six, it was always made plain that Snape might be an unlikable fellow [JK: uh huh], but he was essentially one of the good guys [JK: uh-huh] [audience: ‘yes!’ and cheers]. [JK: I can see this is the question you all really want answered.] Dumbledore himself had always vouched for him [JK: yes]. Now we are suddenly told that Snape is in fact a villain and Dumbledore’s killer [JK: uh-huh]. We cannot, or don’t, want to believe this [JK laughs]. Our theory is that Snape is in fact still a good guy [JK: right], from which it follows that Dumbledore can’t really be dead, and that the death is a ruse, cooked up between Dumbledore and Snape, to put Voldemort off his guard, so that when Harry and Voldemort come face-to-face [audience and JK laughs], Harry might have more allies than he or Voldemort suspects. So: is Snape good or bad? [JK laughs and audience cheers] In our opinion, everything follows from it.

Rowling: Well, Salman… your opinion, I would say, is right. But I see that I need to be a little more explicit… and say that Dumbledore is definitely dead. And I do know there’s an entire website that’s name is, so I imagine they’re not happy right now. But I think I need…. You need… All of you need to move through the five stages of grief [audience and JK laughs] and I’m just helping you get past denial. So, I can’t remember what’s next, it may be anger, so I think we should stop it here. Thank you.


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