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Dispelling the Myths About 1:1 Environments – Andrew Marcinek

«Myth 2: The iPad is Simply a Tool. False. I recently read a post about an iPad being compared to one of the simplest tools, a hammer. Comparing an iPad to a hammer is a naive way of thinking. The iPad, along with laptops, Chromebooks and other tablet options, all boast advanced operating systems with intuitive design. Despite their intuitive design, tasks as simple as taking notes and saving to the cloud can be a struggle for many in the «digital generation.» Don’t assume the student body will simply adapt to the device and the applications because they fall under the age of 20. Creating a 1:1 environment takes dedicated professional development for staff, parents and the community, as well as the students who will be using it daily.»

Publicado en Cibercultura Educación Enlaces


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